Luxturna is the world’s first approved targeted gene therapy for an eye disease.

Luxturna was approved by Health Canada in October 2020 as a treatment.

However, Luxturna is currently not funded by provincial health care, putting this ground-breaking treatment out of reach for most Canadians.

Every week that goes by is another week of lost vision.
TIME = SIGHT and we can not let a bureaucratic process slow down access.

The next step to secure public funding of Luxturna stands with the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) – the body that negotiates criteria, like drug price, on behalf of your provincial government.

But 6 months after Health Canada’s approval, the negotiations haven’t started yet. We need your help to make the dream of improving sight a reality for Canadians!

Stand Up!!  Send an email to your Premier, your Health Minister and pCPA to start negotiating access to Luxturna.