NEW – CTV News story on an 11 year old boy’s story of going blind and how Luxturna can save his sight.

Luxturna is the world’s first approved targeted gene therapy for a blinding eye disease. It can restore night vision and stop blindness.

Luxturna was approved by Health Canada in October 2020 as a treatment.

Bureaucratic delays to provide access to Luxturna have created a 2-tier health care in Canada.

As of February 2023, only four provinces have agreed to publicly fund Luxturna, putting this ground breaking treatment out of reach for Canadians who have been on the waiting list for over three years. During this time they have been experiencing irreversible vision loss.

TIME = SIGHT and we can not let a bureaucratic process slow down access to restore sight.

Fighting Blindness Canada, our vision partners, and the vision loss community have been actively advocating for access to Luxturna, and clear a path forward for future treatments to be publicly funded. Your help is needed now.